Raffle Tickets for Poleluminati 8
2.00 - 20.00
On December 29, alongside our SOLID GOLD show, we bring to you a Raffle like no raffle that has ever come before. We have for you 🌟the 🌟most 🌟incredibly fabulous items from Memphis, to live your best Illuminati life. Pick up your raffle tickets when you arrive at the show.

👁‍🗨 Poleluminati gear
🍒 Coco and Lola's gift bag
🛁 Illuminati Body gift bag
🔮 Laveau $100 Gift Certificate
☕️ Launch Process Coffee
☠️ Ex Ossium Shadowbox
🃏 The Broom Closet Tarot reading
👠 Heelhuggers Pair of Solid Gold straps
💃 Dance classes with several of our performers
🍾 Shiny AF Gold Champagne bottle
Coming soon
Coming soon
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