• Our call for performers for Poleluminati 8 has been completed. Applicants will be notified of our decision by Sunday, November 25.


    If you would like to be informed of future performance opportunities, please follow us on instagram (@poleluminati).



    Are you a dancer, a circus artist, or other type of performance artist? We're interested in YOU! Poleluminati is a variety show that brings a magical experience to the stage. We seek unique performers who are interested in working with and learning from fellow artists in a collaborative environment. 👁‍🗨🔮❄️🥂🌙✨


    How To Apply: Read this page completely and fill out the form at the bottom. That's it. Applications are due by the end of the day on Sunday, November 18th. You will receive a response back from us by Sunday, November 25th.


    Show Details:

    *Poleluminati 8 will be held at Growlers, 1911 Poplar Ave (Across from Overton Park), from 6-8pm. Doors and pre-show at 5pm. Performer call time is 4pm.

    *Saturday, December 29th, 2018

    *Ages 18+



    Gold, Black, and White. Magic, Voodoo, Illuminati, Cult rituals. Shiny things. Vaudeville. Cabaret. Theatrics. For style cues, check out this Pinterest Board.


  • Talent Is Not Enough

    While the show that you put onstage is important, being successful in the Poleluminati cast requires much more than just being able to put on a good stage show. We are a collective, and need to work together collectively. Successful members of the show realize that their behavior every step of the way in the show process affects all the other members of the group. We expect you to act professionally both on and off stage.

    Meeting Deadlines and Showing Up

    When you commit to be a part of the show, we are all depending on you, your talent, and your energy to make this show the best it can be possibly be. We all need you to follow through with that commitment. This includes meeting deadlines for your bio information, your music, and showing up on time to any rehearsals and performer call times.


    The beauty of live performance art is that it never turns out the same twice. There are *always* going to be hiccups and problems along the way. Part of being in the show experience is trusting that even when things go wrong, you can communicate your needs and we will all work together to find solutions. If you don't communicate problems as soon as possible, we aren't able to help find solutions. We're here for you! But we need you to speak up, early and often.


    Sometimes we run into problems without enough time to communicate and talk it over, and we have to just jump in and improvise. This applies both on and off the stage. The best members of the cast are pros at improvising, so that when things don't go according to plan, they make it look seamless and intentional anyway. Please seek to give a good performance and a good impression of the show all the time, even when we are still learning and working through hiccups.

    Networking, Marketing, and Benefits Beyond Money

    While we've been around for a while, this show is not a money maker. Above all, this show is a way to get local performers practicing, testing things on stage, and working collectively with other artists in a way that wouldn't happen if it didn't exist. If that isn't your main reason for participating, this is not be the right place for you. No hard feelings!


    We will do our best to get you high quality photos and videos of your performance. (While our media team is incredibly talented, they are also fully volunteer.) We will *always* market the hell out of you and the entire show, share you on our website and social media channels, and provide you with professional graphics and media.


    Performers will be paid a stipend that can go towards the cost of costuming, props, training, transportation, etc. Payment will be equally split from what was made from ticket sales. Veteran performers who have done multiple shows may be paid a bonus. We hope that you love doing the show enough to return, and believe that loyalty should be rewarded. Payments will be sent out by PayPal or Venmo within a week of the completion of the show. In order to receive the stipend, you will need to meet your deadlines and complete your performance.

    Professional Conduct and Sobriety

    Public intoxication is not acceptable for performers, and you will not be allowed to perform if you display indications of alcohol consumption or drug use at the time of the show. This includes prescription medication that may make it unsafe for you to perform.

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